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Your New Fuckin' Commandments

Alright... Duck told me to read the comments about the "cutters" journal, I was told a whole fight thing broke out and got really fucked up. I figured it was just between "Ensetsu" and him, but Duck told me it was her and a couple other people against 1. I thought it was one comment a person kinda thing and I thought Duck and "Ensetsu" were over reacting, but I was COMPLETELY wrong! I passed this entry somehow. I saw the first thing Steph wrote, and that's what caught my attention. Yeah, Steph, "We were both being childish."
"Would anyone care to explain to my dear friend why cutters cut themselves?" THAT is pure bullshit. Suicide is a serious fuckin' thing. I dont know WHY I thought of this only now, but you guys dont even KNOW what it's like to want to commit suicide or hurt yourself! I dont! I'm only a fuckin' teenager, I'm JUST getting used to it. When you're about 35, then you can say "hey, my life is shit." You are WAAAAYYYYYY too young to say you wanna "hurt yourself" because you have absolutely NO reason to! You cant say there is... because its a fuckin' fact, there is NO reason, ESPECIALLY at this age.
Fighting with your mom is a B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T reason. I LOVE fighting with my mom, it says how much she cares. You shouldn't be pissed off at her, not many people even GET to be pissed off at their mom's because they dont fuckin' have one. Did you really ever think of that? You would be SOOOOOO much more pissed off if your mom died, you would miss fighting with her. You would miss it like hell! I fight with my mom like you wouldn't believe, but we always make up because I know that if I don't spend enough time with her while she's alive, then I will regret it for the rest of my life. It's the exact same for your other family members, your friends, anyone!
We have given ourselves the violent nature we're known for. Bloodshed! That's not only war between us and other countries, or us and the government, that's war between ourselves, not you and somebody else, you and yourself! You are your own fuckin' enemy! Why haven't you noticed that?!!
You can't call Duck an asshole for giving his opinion, he has facts to support it, which is exactly why it's my opinion as well. You can't call HIM an asshole without calling yourself an asshole, especially if you do/did hurt yourself. Because you were BLIND! You are so fuckin' retarded if you don't embrace what you have now. You ALL are hypocrites! Yes, steph, even you. I am too, and so is Duck. We are all hypocritical at some point. But, when your hypocritical about death... then you... are an asshole. Steph you didn't scare me when you "cut" yourself, you pissed me off, yes but, you didn't scare me. I thought 'hey... it isn't my body or my life she's fucking up. Why would I worry?'
Hurting yourself is THE most retarded thing you could ever do. You don't know what the future is like. The stronger you are-the smarter you are- the better decisions you'll make.
I don't care what horrible things people say behind my back because I believe that I'm fine just the way I am. Don't let people control your self-esteem. People don't make you happy, the decisions you make, make you happy. Don't dog on Duck because he had an opinion. Personally, I respect him for speaking his mind, it's his strong belief. You guys were against putting people down for what they believe. How fuckin' stupid can you guys be.

(Btw, hurting yourself doesn't fix your shit, it makes it so much more worse... it doesn't get rid of the pain, only numbs it for a few minutes... it always comes back to bite you in the ass.)
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For the first paragraph (I haven't read the rest yet) you have a point. I agree with somethings, but you can't say that some people at "this age" do not have a reason to commit suicide. Cutting themselves, I understand your point entirely, it's just their way of coping though, and yeah. The thing is, a lot of kids "this age" go through more shit then 35 years olds nowadays. So I completely understand your pov but I didn't agree with the age comment, it didn't make sense.
*goes to read the rest*
Your second paragraph, that's what I'm saying. A lot of people... "this age" have those problems. ugh. >.<
Again *finally read the whole thing* I agree with your point, but that's only for some people, not all people can figure out other ways of coping. Many have tried and failed.
Teenagers go through depression as you know, it's a normal thing to be depressed... and even dramatic. It's a bunch of shit when someone is THAT dramatic, but they dont stop to think that their life is good. You have to think before you do something, sometimes you skip the thinking, but people have to make their lives exciting, not depressing, live for the fucking moment, dont ruin it! There is NO good reason to cut yourself, not one at all. At 13, or 14, or even 20, we havent gone through enough to say "my life sucks." There's a lot of shit to be sad about, but nothing that would make you wanna hurt yourself. Hurting yourself doesnt fix anything, it makes it hurt even more, you only create more and more problems.

Instead of going against what I'm saying why dont you tell other people about it? Seems a tad smarter, dont ya think?
At 13, or 14, or even 20, we havent gone through enough to say "my life sucks."

How is that possible? People who are five can go through more shit then people who have lived for sixty years at times.
They could perhaps put their anger, frustration, depression or whatever into a more positive solution, like Jonathan Davis does with music, while some do it with art, etc. But again, a lot of people can't seem to cope with those ways. *shrugs* I know hurting yourself doesn't fix anything, but would you rather people commit suicide then cut themselves?

Some of my people go here, I continuously post what your writing in here, but I dun think anyone comes, except for the people who have already joined...
yes, it would make more sense to commit suicide than to hurt yourself, with suicide you're over, you're just placing more crap on other people, hurting yourself doesnt make anything better. Hurting yourself isnt "coping" with your problems, when you hurt yourself, you're weak, you cant take a little bit of pressure... you might as well just get it over with and die.

I'm not talking about the stupid LJ people, I'm talking about everyone you know